Introduction of Doug Iles

Doug Iles has resided in Mansfield, OH since 1989.  Doug has achieved an Associate’s and Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education.

Doug always has had an intrinsic entrepreneurial spirit, and in 2006 Beneficial Brokers, LLC was established.  In the beginning Doug focused on brokering various transactions, including Real Estate, between buyers and sellers.

In 2008, Doug joined forces with Charter Financial as an Independent Broker.  During membership with Charter Financial, Doug focused on privately-held Mortgage and Business Notes, Structured Settlements, Annuities and Lottery Winnings.

Membership with Charter Financial ended, as Doug pursued other opportunities.  In 2020, membership with Charter Financial again materialized.  The price of membership increased but well worth it.  That is, Charter Financial made available a Funding Source Directory which includes experts in several interests.  Some of these interests include, but not limited to:

  • A/R Invoicing or Factoring
  • Medical Receivables Invoicing or Factoring
  • Asset-Based Lending
  • Merchant Cash Advances
  • Micro Loans
  • Purchase Order Financing
  • Equipment (and Machinery) Financing
  • International Factoring & Trade Finance
  • Construction Factoring
  • Government Factoring
  • Business Loans & High-Risk Factoring
  • Payroll Funding
  • Lawsuit Funding
  • Government Contract Funding
  • Bridge Loans
  • Auto Loan Portfolios
  • Consumer Receivables / Installment Agreements
  • Life Settlements
  • And more…

To conclude, Doug Iles can provide expertise regarding a variety of business needs.  As they say, “CASH IS KING”.  So, there is no reason for KING CASH to take a back seat to everyday expenses.

THANK YOU for reading…

Owner, Beneficial Brokers LLC
Toll-Free:  877.740.2540

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