Today’s post is the first of a series of information that can prove helpful to those selling in both a GOOD or BAD market.  In other words, a “GOOD” market for a seller would be when homes are scarce in supply in which a seller could control their asking price.  A “BAD” market for a seller, on the other hand, would exist when homes are plentiful in supply.  Therefore, a buyer could control their offer price.

This scenario illustrates the direct economic relationship between the supply and demand of a product or service.  When the supply of a product / Real Estate decreases, the demand for a particular home increases (Seller’s “GOOD” market).  And, when the supply of a product / Real Estate increases, the demand for a particular home decreases (Seller’s “BAD” market).  In the case of a Seller’s “BAD” market, a buyer could shop around for a price that fits their budget.

Here is a question to consider, which will be discussed in the next edition of Did You Know?

What is the best way to sell your home?

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